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About Us

We are The Whittaker Group, Inc. We want to get a new vision on web and application development. We engineer the best software solutions for you.

We are a Web, Application and IT Consulting firm located in the greater Orlando, FL area. We specialize in assisting our clients in developing and implementing robust applications utilizing a wide range of Web based technologies. We support creativity. We support intelligence. We support you. The Whittaker Group, Inc.

Fresh & Clean Design


Very Flexible Apps


Fully Responsive


Ongoing Support



When you're in need, please contact us immediately. We will deliver the best services for you.

Fresh & Clean Design

Web 3.0 - integrting a fresh new designs to your client or employee web applications.

Very Flexible

We support a wide variety of web application technologies.

Fully Responsive

Multi Monitors, Hi-Def Tv Displays, Tablets and Mobile Devices.

Ongoing Support

You are just a call, txt, or email away from our super support team.

Web+App Development

Whether you need a POS system or scheduling service automation, TWG discovers the right web app solution for you.

Content Management

Content is king in this digital age and the management of this data is critical. Our custom CMS solutions will help you to organize your content to the max.

Mobile development

iPhone, Andriod, Windows Phone, Blackberry. Let us help you navigate through the jungles of the mobile OS landscape.

Web Design

Set yourself apart. Your online identity is the key to a marketing and branding strategy.

Social Automation

Social media run amuck? Control this beast with our automation consulting team. One post many destinations, automate your social media management.

Start-up Consultation

We partner with intellegence and creativity. We love those crazy ideas. Leverage our technology and partner with us, we can help cultivate your business ideas.

How we do

our working process in 3 steps


It's imperative that we know your business and understand your revenue model so that we can work towards meeting your company's goals. This process gives us the opportunity to give feedback and give any suggestions of possible new revenue streams that may have been over looked and we can further discuss the ones you currently have.


Our team will recommend the best suited technology for the project at hand. We'll decide on the platform that makes the most sense, the scalability, any third party systems that may need to be implemented and we'll make sure your product works on all the most popular web browsers. When we have all the necessary information, along with your requirements, wish list and any concerns you may have, we will come up with the best solution to fit all your project needs.


A lot of the projects we work on include dynamic and/or interactive components (in different terms, web pages that have something other than static text). Typically our programmers start work on these items at the beginning of the project, and now the time has come to bring them together with the other parts of the website and begin testing with the correlating modules and/or functions.


You can see anything in our themes by your imagination, feeling and something you want.


With the hopes, dreams and something mysterious, We'd like to change your vision about life, about technology.


For your inquiries and information, please contact to our technical team. You will get appropriate answers for your problem.